University Resident Clinic in Oral Implantology.

The course will provide implantology knowledge to General Odontologists, developing sufficient ability to diagnose and prepare and surgical ability in the placement of osseointegrated implants for their posterior rehabilitation. These resident university clinics are eminently practical and the professional will acquire the necessary knowledge and skill to carry out treatments in their implantology clinic.

The University UFHEC and the IOIA give the necessary security of a resident clinic for the immersion of the latest techniques, gradually and controlled and where errors are corrected "in situ". All implants will be rehabilitated by the UFHEC where the alumnae can participate if they wish.

Specific Objectives

1. Acquire the knowledge and skills to diagnose correctly and establish a treatment plan for cases where implant treatment is a therapeutic alternative.

2. Control the system of implants to be used both in the aspects of design and material of implants and in all the prosthetic and surgical components.

3. Determine the anatomy on which to base and modify the implantology surgical technique to be carried out.

4. Preparation of the implantology surgical area.

5. Specific teamwork "surgeon-clean auxiliary –dirty auxiliary".

6. Anesthetic techniques in implantology surgery.

7. Acquire the knowledge of possible alternative surgical procedures including implant placement surgery and one or two phase surgery.

8. Know how to identify situations of poor bone quality or deficiency and recognise the different therapeutic alternatives to resolve these situations.

9. Suture techniques for implantology surgery.

10. Pharmacological protocols, informed consents and post—surgery patient advice. al paciente.

Preclinical Module.

- Preclinical Course on use of material and surgical kit in plastic training mandibule.

- Surgery Seminar.

- X-ray Diagnosis Seminar.

Location: Centro de Formación Caja Rural Granada (Spain)
Schedule: 10am to 2pm (Work Lunch) and 4pm to 7pm.

Practical Module.

- Clinical Residency in Implant Surgery.

A sufficient number of patients will be assigned to carry out the surgery with a minimum number of 10 implants. A further 20 implants will also be assisted.

Location: Universidad Federico Henríquez & Carvajal. Clínica Universitaria UFHEC, Santo Domingo, (Dominican Republic)

Includes: Return flight Madrid- Santo Domingo and 4 star hotel, 20 implants Outlink2 and complete surgical kit.

Advanced International Technical Seminar.

- Advanced Technical Seminar on Implants..

Depart Thursday afternoon - flight from home town.
Friday Morning, Work day and Work Lunch in the factory
Friday Afternoon, Work day visit Factory Sweden&Martina facilities.
Friday Night, Gala dinner with the Management of Sweden & Martina.
Saturday, return flight to home town.

Location: SWEDEN & MARTINA SPA, Padua (Italy)

Includes: Return flight from home town and 4 star Hotel

Qualification: University Resident Clinic UFHEC-IOIA.

Material included: 20 implants OutLink2 and Complete Surgical Box.

Transport and Hotel incluido:

- Practical Module; transport from Madrid, 4* Hotel.
- Advanced Technical Seminar: trasnport from home town.