The Advanced Integral Odontography Institute (IOIA) was created in Granada in 2009 by a team of medical professionals with more than 20 years medical experience in odontology.


- Dra. María Corral Sola.

Degree in Odontology and Specialist in Orthodontics. University of Granada.

- Américo Vargas Corral.

Doctorship in Odontology, Dominican University of Odontology.
Degree in Odontology, University of Granada.
Specialist in Advanced Periodontal Surgery and Implants.
University of the Balearic Islands- Michigan University (U.S.A)

Medical Team

- Dr. Américo Vargas Sánchez.

Degree in Medicine and Specialist in Traumatology. Universidad de Sevilla


The Institution is committed to the search for total quality in dental care.

Our priority is the health of our patients with whom we aim to establish lasting relationships based on personalised treatment and attention to detail.

We understand that technological advances and the development of odontological products and techniques are qualities that are essential to our organisation.

Due to this we aim to assist professional training in odontology with the creation of the Postgraduate Training Centre whose ultimate goal is to train dental health professionals to the highest level.