IOIA Continuing Dental Education offers you high level training programmes,, adapted to the needs and specialties of professionals through clinics and practical cases. A training service supported by modern facilities and equipment to provide professionals with the most innovative competencies and work methodologies necessary to make you one of the best professionals.

The courses of the IOIA Continuing Dental Education are integrated with national and international professionals with wide experience in educational clinical and investigative fields.

We collaborate with prestigious international institutions, SWEDEN&MARTINA y la Universidad Federico Henríquez & Carvajal.

IOIA Continuing Dental Education offers personalised training programmes for qualified Odontology professionals, permitting access to the Residential Odontology Programmes in our clinics or associated centers. Each programme is adapted to the needs of each professional focusing on their specialty through clinics and practical cases.

IOIA Continuing Dental Education was created with the firm objective of contributing to the continued advance and success of specialists in Oral Implants and Odontology.

In IOIA Continuing Dental Education we believe in International Professional Development with recognised prestigious professionals who augment the level of our courses.

At IOIA Dental Education we are sure that participation in our International courses will be an unforgettable experience. We are available to help with travel and accommodation, in Spain or in the country where the continuous training course will take place.

The registration process is simple with the registration form or contacting us directly by telephone or email.