Located in the Centro Dental Avanzado COVACLINIC in Granada (Spain), IOIA Continuing Dental Education offers training programmes for odontology professionals, dentists, prosthetists and hygienists. IOIA Dental Educationīs interest is centred on orthodontic treatments for oral rehabilitation.

In IOIA Dental Education, the participants complete the study of real cases from the clinic, where they face a great variety of clinical situations from real practice.

As an advanced dental centre in orthodontic treatments, IOIA Education is always at the vanguard of new techniques and products in oral rehabilitation.

We invite you to participate in a unique opportunity to learn from the clinicīs experience, applying the most advanced methods and techniques. IOIA Continuing Dental Education offers you different courses of continuous training:

One Week Intensive International Practical Course.

Modular courses.

Personal or reduced group clinical residencies for Odontologists.

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